We’re a nation of DIY’ers, number 8 wirers and can-doers, so why do so many people use a real estate agent to handle the sale of their properties?  After all think of the savings to be made by taking a few photos, writing some script, slapping it on Trademe and waiting for the phone to ring. But really, it’s not that simple. I know, because once upon a time, many years ago, I tried to sell my own home.  And even though I was in the business and knew a thing or two about selling real estate, it is actually not that easy when it comes to selling your own home, and I, like many others, eventually gave up and listed my place for sale with a licensed real estate agent.  And within a few weeks it was sold and we were able to move on with the next stage in our lives.

So recently I got to thinking about why real estate agents continue to survive and thrive, in spite of the number of home-owners that give it a go at selling their properties themselves.  This was partly bought on from a private sale that popped up on Trademe.  I know the owners and I knew the area their property was in.  I could tell that their asking price was too low and they would be inundated with interest.  They are highly likely to be underselling it, all in the name of saving themselves a commission.  It is likely to be a very large commission that they end up saving themselves.  But that’s another story.   

Also, there is value to be had from establishing a relationship with an agent and tapping into all their knowledge.  The crazy thing about being a real estate agent is that we only get paid once we have negotiated an unconditional sale for a vendor.  Everything that we do prior to this incurs no cost to the vendor and everything we do for buyers is free. There are many days when I’ve been busy for hours and not earned a cent.

One thing that I do find surprising is the very few home-owner’s that reach out and ask what they should do to add value to their sale before placing their property on the market. There are so many small, low cost or no cost improvements that can be made prior to having the first buyers through that can add tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to the ultimate sale price.  It’s a resource that is freely available and well worth tapping into.  First impressions count and your house doesn’t get another chance to make a second first impression.

Often the first time we hear from home-owners is when they are ready to list.  And then it’s a matter of learning what their time frame is and working to get as much as possible done within the time available.  Some people need to get going ASAP, others do have the ability and time to get their property presented for the market.

So, in a nutshell, talk to an agent as soon as you’re considering selling. The input they can have at the earliest of stages, will make the process so much easier and smoother plus add value, not just to the sale price, but also to the over

When you’re planning on selling, contact me for your complimentary e-copy of ‘Above Market Value’, on how to sell your home for more!