We are blessed in Whangārei and the surrounding districts to have fabulous playgrounds for our little ones and those young at heart to burn some energy in.  With summer coming up we will all no doubt be spending a lot of time out and about and the kids will definitely be wanting to play in the sun.  Here is our guide to some of our favourite playgrounds in Whangārei and surrounds.

Town Basin – this one is a favourite and is nearly always busy in rain or shine.  Situated in the popular Town Basin, grab a coffee and watch the kids have a great time.  Or walk the loop and stop on your way back through before grabbing an ice cream or one of the delicious juice based ice blocks that are sometimes sold on the way round.

Whangarei town basin playground

Ngunguru Reserve playground – one of the few fully fenced playgrounds! If you have multiple children or a speedster you can rest assured that they won’t be able to escape this one!  This playground is very spacious and features a heap of different equipment to keep the kids happy for awhile.  Bonus points for it being on the coast and close to beaches.

Ngunguru Playground

Mair Park – an old favourite.  The playground may be small but don’t forget that you can go down the path and feed the ducks as well.  The kids will love being able to have a play and pop down to feed the ducks.  The big lawn also allows for lots of running or to kick a ball around.

Mair Park playground

Waipu Cove – what’s better than a playground right next to the beach? Get ready for some sandy fun at this wee playground at Waipu Cove.  Just pop over the rise and the beach is right there.  Don’t forget the lovely café and restaurants at the Cove.  Definitely worth a day trip to the beach!

Waipu playground

So whether you want to go near or adventure a little bit further afield there are plenty of options around to get out and about with your active kids.  We cannot wait for summer and imagine we will be taking a few trips to a playground this summer!